• Twisted Strands 1

    Twisted Strands 1

    Part of R&D work I have done looking at twisting shapes and objects.

  • Lines


    Concept work

  • Honda ‘Hands’

    Honda ‘Hands’

    Here is a job I recently worked on over Spring/Summer 2013 at Analog. We were brought …

  • Lenovo


    Interesting commercial for Lenovo created @ Analog

  • Smashhits


    I only worked on this ident, ‘Ice/Jelly’ so check out the other ones (all completed by …

  • The Will

    The Will

    Director / VFX: Simon Reeves A short film about the rhythmic movement of cycling and the …

  • CCTV9 Commercial

    CCTV9 Commercial

    CCTV9 Commercial by Analog for DoubleG Studios

  • Citizen


    I worked on this job this summer at Analog. Read more and see some extra images on Analog’s …

  • Exploded View of a Bicycle

    Exploded View of a Bicycle

    Exploded view of a bicycle, all works by myself.

  • Thorpe Park Swarm

    Thorpe Park Swarm

    Once again working with my good pals at Analog. This time I worked as lead 3D …

  • Demo Reel 2011

    Demo Reel 2011

    My latest demoreel (which is a slightly outdated now)

  • Megastaur


    Megastaur short film. For more information click here. Or follow the blog here.

  • Roof Ivy

    Roof Ivy

    Timelapse mini-film with CG growing Ivy. Shot with a Canon 550d over a few hours on …

  • Typographrame


    LemonGood’s Typographrame, TypoBike. High quality construction custom frame honouring the art of typography

  • Audi R8 Spec Commercial

    Audi R8 Spec Commercial

    Audi Promo. Direction & VFX by me @LemonGood.

  • O2 Lanterns Commercial

    O2 Lanterns Commercial

    I worked as lead 3d on this commercial in late 2011 with the guys at Analog. …

  • Metal Bird Shot With VFX Breakdown

    Metal Bird Shot With VFX Breakdown

    A single shot from a unfinished work, with plenty of breakdown on the end. Produced solely …

  • Cher Lloyd Music Promo

    Cher Lloyd Music Promo

    I worked on the CG balloon shots on a small team at Mainframe.

  • LemonGood Kitchen Shine

    LemonGood Kitchen Shine

    I created this full ad internally for LemonGood. From start to finish I was in charge …

  • Land Rover Dirt Road

    Land Rover Dirt Road

    This work was used by the client for in-house development. Using stock footage and CAD data …

  • LemonGood Lemons

    LemonGood Lemons

    Here at the LemonGood we are always pursuing our own work. This is an example of …

  • Falling strands

    Falling strands

    Softimage, ICE

  • Brother ’141%’ Cafe

    Brother ’141%’ Cafe

  • Brother ’141%’ Architect

    Brother ’141%’ Architect

  • Brother ’141%’ Business

    Brother ’141%’ Business

    Business. Information about all three ad’s here..

  • Santander Beach

    Santander Beach

  • Santander Zero Park

    Santander Zero Park

  • Santander ‘Drive’

    Santander ‘Drive’

    I worked on various shots on this advert, 2nd in the series.

  • Santander ‘Bridge’

    Santander ‘Bridge’

    And here it is, from my previous post, here is the ad I have been working …

  • Rockband II Cinematic

    Rockband II Cinematic

    I was back at Passion Pictures for the second Rockband FMV once again directed by Pete …

  • Adidas ‘The Power of X’

    I did a wee bit of camera work but mostly I worked on the shaders/lighting/rendering of …

  • MouseTrap


  • Rockband I Cinematic

    Rockband I Cinematic

    I worked at Passion Pictures for the Rockband FMV directed by Pete Candeland and the usual …

  • Jaguar Etype

    Jaguar Etype

  • Diversion (2005)

    Diversion (2005)

    Animated short film created at the University of Hertfordshire by Simon Reeves and Aidan Gibbons. Production …

  • Bakebox


    Short animation about a small bakelite box.

  • Hitchhiker (2004)

    Hitchhiker (2004)

      My 2nd year animated short film from uni.

  • Aston Martin DB5

    Aston Martin DB5

  • Ford Focus Rally Car

    Ford Focus Rally Car